YHF Los Angeles X Agenda Tradeshow (New York)

Were back... This time we are headed to New York! Catch the YHF Los Angeles team as we shut down New York with our highly anticipated and controversial Spring & Summer collection. 

About Agenda New York: 

  • One of the more intimate gatherings in scale, Agenda New York City takes place in the heart of Manhattan, and hosts around 250 brands across roughly 100,000 square feet. Agenda New York City mirrors the Long Beach show's diversity of product as well as overall experience, but in a more focused, concise package. This unique show is Agenda's authentic presentation of the street, surf, skate and lifestyle cultures through the filtered lens of New York's polished men's fashion market. Given its geographic location, the New York show is a convenient place for European and east coast based buyers to interact with exhibiting brands and see new offerings.

January 23, 2017 by Philly Nicks
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