YHF Los Angeles, now available at Woodzee

By Philly Nicks

YHF Los Angeles, now available at Woodzee

YHF Los Angeles is now available at Woodzee.

About Woodzee.

Woodzee started from a scrappy background with two ideas: offer customers a new way to shop and create products that combine Style and Nature. Over the ensuing years, we’ve remained a very small and close knit team. We’re passionate about what we do and are always thinking of ways to improve our company and our products.

We take pride in our customer service. This was the inspiration behind our Recycle Program and drives us to provide the best possible shopping experience. We are always dreaming about the future, and bigger, better things. It wasn’t long ago when we were dreaming about American production. Now that we’re producing glasses in the USA, we are looking beyond eyewear to other areas in which we can combine Style and Nature.